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French company DBV-Technologies is set to make waves in the world of immunotherapy, with its revolutionary research into allergy patches.

Increasing numbers of individuals suffer from one or more allergy. Frequently-occuring allergies take in both edible substances e.g. peanuts, and non-edible, e.g. house dust mites.

DBV Technologies has developed an epicutaneous immunotherapy technique called Viaskin, which looks like a promising avenue of research.

The Viaskin patch is a simple adhesive patch worn on the skin. The main aspects of the patch are a titanium backing and a crown, which forms a condensation chamber with the skin.

The theory behind the patch is actually quite a simple one. A so-called ‘electrospray’ is used to spray minute quantities of an antigen onto the patch, facilitating optimal retention of its chemical properties.Unlike in an injection, the antigens are solubilized and pass directly into the body’s most tolerogenic cells, the Langerhans cells, without entering the bloodstream. This gradually ‘tones down’ the body’s reaction to these antigens.

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