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airgetintouch has been founded with the aim of providing a space where all sections of the aviation and space sectors can dialogue, create contacts, form partnerships and do business! This online directory of companies and service providers is ideal if you’re looking to plug a gap in the services you provide or the markets you cater to. Its advertising section enables companies to boost their profile within their chosen industry and expand their market presence. If you’re playing a longer game, you may be interested in the site’s potential for cluster development. Becoming part of a cluster can help you access as yet untapped markets and may help to improve your firm’s productivity. This long-term strategy applies to both the aviation and the space industry (click on the icon below to find out more).

Being part of a cluster can significantly boost your productivity

Source: http://www.airgetintouch.com/

One of the key advantages to airgetintouch’s approach is its comprehensive nature. The site aims to cover all possible aviation industry needs and niches. This is to include fields such as oxygen systems (http://www.airgetintouch.com/skill/oxygen-systems-equipment), space components, power systems, manufacturing services and much more.