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An elegantly-designed piece of furniture can really transform the look of an entire room. French firm Taillardat (taillardat.fr) is an acknowledged master in the creation of furniture that will turn heads and really add a ‘je ne sais quoi’ to any living space or bedroom.

Their collection consists of a full range of furniture, including mirrors, stools, sofas, armchairs, beds, dining room furniture and a wide selection of tables for all needs. For example, by clicking here you’ll see the extensive choice of console tables on offer.

The Marie Antoinette style armchair is just one type available on the site – the Regency style is also popular

Source: www.taillardat.fr

As befits luxury designs, only top-quality materials are used in the manufacturing of Taillardat pieces. Fine hardwoods, marble and other sought-after materials all contribute to the magic of these elegant items. Many designs are rooted in the heyday of French furniture-making, the 18th and early 19th centuries. The Louis XVI-inspired style is particularly present in the Taillardat collection. However, Louis XV, Marie-Antoinette, Directory, Empire and Regency styles are also amply catered for. The Jarnac chair pictured below belongs to the Régence (Regency)-inspired style of armchair.