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Hospitalsconsultants is the name of a new website which enables you to get treatment more quickly in some of the best hospitals in the UK and France. Choose from a range of procedures offered in top-quality healthcare establishments such as St Helen’s Hospital, Merseyside, shown below.

At http://www.hospitalsconsultants.uk/category/britains-top-hospitals/ you’ll find information on great hospitals like St Helen’s Hospital, pictured above

Source: http://www.hospitalsconsultants.uk/

Navigating your way around www.hospitalsconsultants.uk couldn’t be easier. The ‘pre-booking’ section of this entirely neutral website allows you to start a search, with filters for the procedure you need, your insurance plan (NHS patient, private medical insurance etc) and your age. This will produce a list of suitable hospitals for you to choose from. Then all that’s left to do is go ahead and book your stay!

With hospitalsconsultants  you have excellent geographical coverage, with hospitals up and down the length of England, from the southwest to Whiston Hospital in Merseyside. You even have the option of looking for treatment in one of the excellent French clinics featured on the site. Procedures available via the site include hip replacement, femoral hernia, carpal tunnel surgery, knee surgery, arthroscopic knee surgery, varicose veins treatment and cataract surgery to name but a few, with treatment available for patients aged from 18 to 99.