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People have been trying to get to grips with allergies for hundreds of years. Home-spun remedies and more sophisticated methods have sometimes met with very mixed results.

The Viaskin patch is very easily applied to patients

Source: http://www.dbv-technologies.com

Now, however, French company DBV-Technologies (DBV Technologies.com) has combined a simple idea (that of an adhesive patch) with high-tech equipment, notably in the form of electrospray technology, to create the Viaskin patch. You can see how the patch is composed in the diagram below, featuring an adhesive crown for application to the skin, titanium backing and a breathable over-adhesive. Tiny quantities of antigens are sprayed onto this backing using the electrospray. This sprays an electrostatically-charged stream of particles onto the patch. This method ensures the layer is evenly distributed. Once applied to the skin, the dry layer of allergens is turned into a liquid thanks to the hyper-hydrating effect of the condensation chamber, which is formed between the epidermis and the centre of the patch. After this happens, the allergens can penetrate the skin and the desensitization process begins. Patients of all ages could use the patch, which would be especially helpful in treating infants and young children.